Introduction to socialistic economics

Part 1 : The western countries.

Trade has always existed in some kind of valuebased
system , between humans.
Trade was born of the uneven deployment of production
in different communities.
Credit was born of the uneven development of production
among different producers within the same community.
The uneven development of production as between different
producers within the same nation does not automatically
lead to the development of credit.

The private mode of exploration of developments within
primitive communities wich are slowly breaking up the small
private individuals production and combine them to
international multi compagnies with reduction in the ammount
of valuebased cash. This by mean put the workers in orders
of slaves for the private sector.
The amount of value owned by the state controlled system
depend of the degree of socialistic influrence on the economical
structure and the ammount of private investors ownership.
In the socalled socialistic countries the capitalism exist in
different amounts inside the state controlled system itself.

Lets face one thing her at start and make it clear.

One thing is socialism and liberalistic socialistic influrences.
One other is Communistic Centralized democratic controll
of the values and the means of production.

As mentioned in the about communism section

Phase 2:
A dictator or elite leader (or leaders) must gain
absolute control over the proletariat.
Collectivization of property and wealth must take place.
The government would control all means of production
so that the one-class system would remain constant,
with no possibility of any middle class citizens
rising back to the top.

The development of production should in the
ideal system ( as it should have been )
Belong to the state and by state controlled agencies
be distributed to where it is in demand.

But all the socalled socialistic countries are in
different kind of degree owned by the private
landowners , bankiers rich people ( you name it )
This makes the state controlled system without
controll of the mass of production and the production’s
value in form of cash will have big influences on the
workers life.This uncontrolled flow in cash and values
combined with the mass production of different product’s
lead the capitalistic liberalistic socialistic system towards
the always comming inflation and at the end of this task the
economic structure collapse.

In the socialistic capitalistic system the proletariat will be
controlled by the private banking system who always
own the major part of the socalled national bank.
The countries national bankingsystem controll the amount
of cash circulating between the proletariat and the state.
This makes the private owners the dominating factor when
the production level versus the proletariat and the living
standard are defined.
The proletariat and others in the class based system are
always being controlled by the amount of money avaliable
in circulation , when smaller amount of money are circulating
the bigger value and thereby bigger amount of production
can be forced out of the individual worker.